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Course Selection Guide

This Program of Studies has been developed to outline the curriculum offered at Brooklyn High School.    Selection of programs and courses should be based upon a thorough consideration of a four-year program of studies. Think about your plans after high school and select courses and programs that will help you achieve your goals. With the information in this guide and the help of parents, teachers and counselors, you should be able to select a program of studies suited to your particular needs.  For a more challenging and rewarding high school experience, BHS encourages students to take full advantage of the many opportunities the school has to offer.  

Registration is an important step for each student and should be done with the student’s personal objectives in mind.  Registration choices should be made with the assistance of the student’s parents and/or guardian before a student requests courses online.

Assistance for making decisions, for additional information concerning graduation requirements, college entrance requirements, and/or career planning, is readily available to each student through a school counselor, classroom teacher, or an administrator.    

Brooklyn High School: Program of Studies

Polaris Course Offerings

College Credit Plus Information

Graduation Requirements

Course Selection Sheets  [CONTENT_REVIEW InternalLink]